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Dudley Schools Forum

The Forum is a partnership body linking the Local Authority and the school community in making decisions about school funding, roles and responsibilities. It is a statutory consultative body established by the Education Act 2002, and comprises stakeholders of the school community, including head teachers and governors or their nominated representatives
21 May 2015 - onwards
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PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
There are no elected members on the specified date for this committee.


Appointee NameAppointee RoleAppointee Membership Dates
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Mrs J Belcher Chair 21/05/2015 - current
Miss J Colbourne Member 01/11/2019 - current
Mrs Rebecca Cox Member 30/01/2018 - current
Mr C Finnerty Member 01/05/2020 - current
Mrs A Hannaway Member 21/05/2015 - current
Mrs M Harris Member 17/10/2023 - current
Mr T Harris Member 01/11/2022 - current
Ms J Higgins Member 01/05/2020 - current
Mrs Victoria Howard Member 30/01/2018 - current
Mr M Kelay Member 01/05/2018 - current

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